So you’re sticking with the whole ‘Jordan Peterson apologia’ line, huh? I’m not sure how much more emphatic I can be about this: Jordan Peterson is an opportunistic wanker, Nazis are scum, racism is inexcusable. This article was not an exhortation to sympathize with these people! It was about pondering whether liberals’ subscription to a binary framing of political opinion that you embody is playing into their hands.

It is already clear that nothing I could write at this stage could hope to dent your armature of self-righteous conviction. But please understand this: if you insist on lumping people like me in with Nazis, then nothing you say or write is doing anything to further liberal causes whatsoever. You might get occasional validation from other true believers, but in the long-run you are cementing liberalism’s demise, and paving the way for a Trump victory in 2020.

You’re not helping the cause, you’re undermining it.

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